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September 17, 2009



Rachel is going to PF Chang's on Tuesday with Nana for her Bday...she too has an "enough food" fetish...


It must be a MAN thing...jake has the same fear, even at home. On the infamous leftover night last week, I kept telling him, we have more than enough food you don't need Ramen, sure enough he HAS to make his Ramen and guess what, we have leftovers of leftovers that he WON'T let me put down the garbage disposal because that is WASTING...I was like "wasting" is making extra food because you don't think we have enough food, can't you just have a snack after you eat if you aren't full? Why do you have to make something else when I am telling you we have more than enough food for dinner? Hell, I will even scrape food off my plate if you are starving (cuz he inhales his food and finishes about 10 min before I do)...starvation is apparently the largest fear of a man...

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