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September 02, 2009



I think you should continue on the path you have chosen. So many parents tell me how damn smart their kids are and then they get to school and walk into walls. I'd rather have a kids at my school that knew not to walk into traffic than can draw a circle.


o.k. I didn't work with Nat; my dad did...EXTENSIVELY. we didn't work with Rach (she told my dad that he was boring her). she is far from retarded (aside from the occasional "blonde" moment). but in school, she is very bright. perhaps they were right when suggesting PreK for her September bday. she is one of the oldest & quickest/smartest in her class. eddie? well, let's just say i hope he can play some sort of sport well...seriously, he's smart too. sometimes too smart for his britches. irregardless, it comes down to genes, & believe it or not, Dean comes from good ones...

julie daly

of course my kids can draw perfect circles. What kind of parent would I be if they couldn't?!

Ok, now seriously... I let Barney do all my pre-school teaching for me. Shows you how dedicated of a parent I am!


I figure he's learned all the life lessons he needs already from Jimeny Cricket and Pinnochio, right?

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