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July 11, 2006


The Mighty Conn

That's good!! I laughed my ass off at Chris booking a hotel in IL!!


Amish Papparatzzi I LOVE IT!! I am really suprised that you would forget your camera on such an exciting trip!?!! Check it out a can of soda pop 50! Clearly something you need while sitting on your old couch, on the front porch in your shirt-less over-alls admiring your lawn animals, and decorating last years christmas tree that hasn't made it passed your front porch!! oh forgot to mention waving at your amish neighbors as they parade by in their house drawn carriage, on their way back from church no doubt! What a visual! Thanks for sharing.


Your Right! I didn't even notice that the pop was 50 it pop down there? Or soda?


Hey, we have a Bulldog in our front garden. After all, we're the "Rossford Bulldogs!!"

To Jennifer

Ouch- sorry Fer.
A bulldog is ALMOST like vegetation...or at least almost naturally occuring in nature...right?

Does it have a t-shirt on? LOL. It DOES, doesn't it?

Go Rossford Bulldogs!

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