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July 30, 2006


julie daly

where was Rick Springfield in this list?


Okay, here is my list:

Rick Springfield was definately first, then anyone who was in The Outsiders movie (mainly Matt Dillon, but also C. Thomas Howell and Ralph Macchio). Then I fell in love with Lance Parrish (Detroit Tiger). As I grew up I became enraptured by Bruce Springsteen, Kevin Bacon and Kirk Cameron... I definately did love Andrew McCarthy in St. Elmo's Fire. I also fell for Steve Yzerman during this time..... my most embarassing love was Donnie Wahlburg from New Kids, it's embarassing because I was in college. I also developed a crush on John Corbett in college... his poster graced our N. Normal apartment. Now my crushes are so much more mature... My race car driver crushes are: Elliott Sadler, Kasey Kahne (he's dreamy) and even though he over uses hair care products... Jamie McMurray. I also have developed a HUGE obsession with the boys on the TV show LOST. It's not the actors, who the hell cares about Matthew Fox?? It's the characters stranded and dirty on the island... Jack Shepherd, Sawyer and Sayid.

Working Class Dogs

I do enjoy a good RS song now and then, who doesn't....but I just didn't want to marry him and have his children. Crazy, I know.


Oh, I remember the Adam Ant days and those white, thigh-high boots!!! Now I'm singing "Place in the Country" and just to get it in your brain ...

All I thought I wanted was a front door
All I thought I wanted was a place in the country
Now I realise I wanted so much more
Some I love but you I adore
You think you're really swinging
But you're off the beat
The moves your brains a thinking
Doesn't reach your feet
You got to get this complication out of your head
Or find another man instead
You listen very close to what the bad girls said
In all those crumby articles and in my bed
You say I'm just a stripper not afraid to strip
With my brains rattlin' my hips
You've got the kind of looks
That make a dead man stare
But when it comes to working honey
You ain't there
I try to tell you nicely but the screaming starts
You're playing ping pong with my heart

p.s. Morris Day and The Time will be at the State Fair ...

The Mighty Conn

Mine from HS and I SOOO Hate to admit it now because he's a complete arrogent SOB - But it was Tom Cruise. Maverick Baby!! The Movie Top Gun Ruled!! That was actually 8th Grade. That lasted a year or so - at least until Dirty Dancing came out then I was all about Patrick Swazey (sp?)Then into college I was a bit obsessed over Jean-Claude Van Damn. LOL Don't ask - I think it was because of how flexable he was. Then throw Brad Pitt in there. Then my tastes changed drastically, and I started to find myself lusting over funny guys. I LOVE Adam Sandler! Will Ferrel HOT! Even Bill Murray does something for me! LMAO And now I'm also hot for the boys from the UFC. Forrest Griffin!!! All over him - Tito Ortez, Rich Franklin & Brian Bisbing - HOT HOT!! LOL Wow - this was fun Steph, Thanks :)

The Mighty Conn

Opps not Brian Bisbing - Micheal Bisbing!! I don't know what I was thinking!!

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